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Why Virtual?

Working with a Virtual Financial Advisor Can Save You Time and Money

We have found that meeting with clients in a virtual manner has made working together more efficient, enjoyable and productive.

We leverage technology to meet with you, conducting business virtually anywhere, saving you time!

In order to better accommodate your busy and ever changing schedule, we make it easier and more efficient to work with us through initial and ongoing meetings in a Virtual business manner. Even a simple phone call or email is a "virtual" contact, but today we have even more tools. Whether still working or already retired, everyone is under time constraints these days. Conducting our meetings in a virtual manner has a huge positive impact. It is a great way to maintain a personal connection while getting to the point and making things happen.

Leveraging technology we conduct virtual meetings where we can "see & hear" each other as if we were in the same room.

Whether we are viewing financial documents on a shared computer screen, completing paperwork in a paperless environment, or meeting for the first time we embrace technology to improve and simplify your financial planning experience.

               Frequently Asked Questions

How does one work with a virtual financial advisor?

Instead of meeting in a traditional office, we will engage from our separate locations through a secure online platform such as Zoom for video conferencing and screen-share presentations.  You simply receive an email with a link to join the online meeting. In addition to web cameras, you can see my computer screen displayed on your computer, tablet, or even smartphone! 

What about paperwork?

Accounts can often be opened online and paperwork completed with electronic signatures through DocuSign and similar services.

What are the benefits of meeting virtually?

Meeting in this manner means you do not need to drive, most likely in traffic, to meet in person.  We can meet while you’re at home, work, or even while you’re on vacation! We can connect from anywhere you have a device and an internet connection. Meetings tend to be shorter and more focused than in-person meetings, and can be more frequent due to the efficiency.  This will save you both time and money!

Can I live anywhere? What if I move either now or upon retirement?

Yes, provided we are properly licensed in your state. Approximately 25% of our clients are currently remote, with about half acquired long-distance and half having moved after starting locally. I am currently licensed in 11 states from coast-to-coast, with clients from Washington to Florida and from New Jersey to Hawaii… and I’d be happy to add more!

Now what?

The best way to determine if we might be a good fit is to have a complimentary initial phone conversation. If we like each other, share similar views, and understand each other’s expectations, there’s a good chance we can work together. To schedule an introductory call, click here and select a convenient date and time.